My name is Parth Ahir and I am in my second year of Global Business Management at the Davis Campus in Brampton. I was born in Gujarat, India and moved to Canada in year 2005. I am currently not working because I tend to lose focus when I work. I like to play different sports mainly badminton and Cricket. I enjoy learning about the latest technology in the market.


My name is Ryan Devries and I am expected to complete my second year in the Global Business Management Program at Sheridan College.  I currently work as an Advisor at Sport Chek, and volunteer for the international recognized organization; Enactus.  My passions include; Marketing analysis, branding, building and maintaining relationships with customs and competitive intelligence.  I also enjoy supporting causes such as; Animal Welfare, Arts and Culture, Economic Empowerment, Education, and Human Rights.


My name is Anuska Sanchez, I am 20 years old and currently enrolled in the Global Business Management program at Sheridan. I was born in the Dominican Republic and moved to Canada five years ago in 2008. I am bilingual, I speak English and Spanish. I consider myself a people person and very agreeable, love to eat and hang out with friends.  I also enjoy traveling, dancing and listening to music; and my favorite thing to do in the summer is to travel back home and enjoy the beach.veinabk

My name is Veina Wang, and will be expected to complete my Bachelor’s Degree in Global Business Management in 2016.  My passions include; Music, technology, writing, art, sports, health, and fitness.  Currently, I work for the Sheridan Student Union as Events Coordinator for the Brampton Campus and I perform daily tasks to the best of my abilities. On the side, I enjoy making visual presentations and reading on fashion.  Recently, I have realized that Marketing, and Advertising is a field that I want to continue learning about.


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