The themes that reoccur in this are perseverance, self-actualization, and health.  The weight of th nation is a website dedicated to educating individuals on weight loss and its benefits.  Some of these themes listed are benefits of losing weight and can be soft skills that you develop from losing weight.

Perseverance can be seen throughout the whole book.  Carol combines her dedication and need to feel good attitude to continue her healthy lifestyle no matter how hard it seems.  Eventually, due to her perseverance she finds that counting calories and eating healthy isn’t as hard as she thought.

Self-Actualization can be seen throughout the graphic memoir.  This is because the whole purpose of self-actualization is realizing your potential and what you are capable of.  In the graphic memoir Carol learns that being healthy and exercising is a part of her.  She loves feeling good and after years of trying to find a way to lose weight she did it, all be herself.

Health can be seen through the graphic memoir as it is a book on sharing insights and ideas of how to live a healthy lifestyle.  It covers calorie counting, temptations, balancing a diet with exercise and even has a small recipe section at the back.


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