The purpose of The Big Skinny is to educate Americans on how to live a healthy balanced lifestyle while providing insights into the troubles people face when losing weight.  Carol wanted to use her skills by creating a graphic autobiography that would allow her to express her experience with those who may be facing the challenge of a healthy lifestyle.

Bodybuilding.com is a website that dedicates itself to educating individuals on how to live healthy lifestyles and they even have a motivation page.  http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/bbmainmind.htm


One thought on “Purpose

  1. This book it’s great, it shows the proper and healthy way to lose weight. Nowadays, most people usually turn to weight loss programs and products, which in many cases work; but in the end, it is not the proper way to do it. This is because people are not adopting a healthy eating and exercise lifestyle, and in the long run end up gaining the weight back again. Carol Lay is an example of that, she explains how weight loss pills helped her lose weight, but at the same time made her somehow dependent on them; and in the long run she gained all the way back again.


    This link explains the importance on exercise and healthy eating. Also talks about how it is a safe way to lose weight and helps you keep the weight off.

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