The plot of the Big Skinny follows Carol and how she struggled with weight.  Through her experience she eventually learns that counting calories and being healthy may seem hard to do at first, but that’s only because she wasn’t use to it.  She consistently refers to herself presently, and compares the old her to the new her.  Carol also refers to personal troubles she incurred along the way which hindered her weight loss.  She reviews her whole background and her family’s impact on her health and diet.  Carol provides insights into why losing weight by eating healthy and exercising is rewarding yet a challenge at the same time.

Here is a blog post on different insights on the journey of losing weight.


2 thoughts on “Plot

  1. I loved the plot of this book and all the illustrations as well. Carol Lay made it very easy for everyone to read her story and also relate to it. Personally, I feel like I can identify myself with her as I am trying to make life changes right now and I’m trying to achieve a healthy weight. The insight she provides into losing weight are really good, and I also like how she makes sure to include exercising as well. People some time may think is only through eating but its actually a combination of both.
    Here I share a link on exercise, that explains why it plays an important role when trying to love weight. Also it talks about the benefits of exercising.

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