Outstanding Scenes

Carol Lay may have focused on her journey to healthy lifestyle, however there were a few moments or scenes that are worth taking note of.  These moments include her relationship with her parents, her childhood, as well as her struggles with her new lifestyle.


Lay’s parents have always loved their daughter, but some of their everyday actions may have directly caused the start of her unhealthy relationship with food.  Lay’s father had a love for salt, in which her father used a large amount of salt on his foods.  Salting foods was encouraged in their household including foods that should not be salted; such as celery sticks, carrots, and even cantaloupe.  Her father passed away from a heart attack at the age of 66.  On the other hand, her mother approached her health problems by addressing the side effects and not the initial problem.  Her mother would take Lay to see the Doctor to prescribe her for Amphetamines in treatment of deficit hyperactivity disorder and narcolepsy that allowed her to lose 40 lbs.  In addition, her Doctor would prescribe her stronger medication when her weight loss stalled.  Lay would have preferred going to see a therapist, but her mother was against the idea.  In addition, her mother also fed her foods that lack nutrition.  Lay loved her parents, but the unhealthy relationship she initially had with food may have had an easier path if her parents took her condition more seriously.


Carol Lay had a difficult childhood.  She would eat unconsciously, from boredom, and suffer from low self-esteem.  People would even forget her name at large family gatherings.  At school, students would tease her for her weight, and suffer from terrible acne.  In College, Lay would eat uncontrollably in her College dorm cafeteria.  After her first year, she shared an apartment with others and would bake obsessively and devour whatever food she made.


Lay soon found a way that allowed her to incorporate a healthy lifestyle into her everyday lifestyle.  Instead of turning to quick fixes such as diet pills and restrictions on her diets, enjoying foods in smaller portions and calorie counting was the method that worked for Lay.  She was also able to incorporate exercise into her daily routine as well as reaching out to friends that had also struggled with their weight.  Her friends would have additions and secrets with food.  In turn, Lay would be able to make her friends understand their unhealthy relationship with food.


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