Interviews: Audio & Video

On February 16, 2009 Tim O’Shea via e-mail interviewed Carol Lay. The interview named “Talking Comics with Tim”. In the interview, one of things they talked about was Carol’s idea of writing about her self on weight loss journey and the challenges she faced. Tim also asked questions such as how much did The Big Skinny influenced comic book and memoir genre. Tim also asked about her future plans and she is doing to be doing. On November 2, 2004, Jason Mallory interviewed Carol Lay where Jason asked many questions like what is something you would people to know you about? When was the last time you yelled really loud in public? The Interview was titled “Way Lay”. Carol also did a six minutes video interview with La Strips where she was asked to discuss about her inspiration, her work, and how she got into comics.


One thought on “Interviews: Audio & Video

  1. I got the change to come across the last interview mentioned here, as I was doing my research. I specially liked it because it helped me understand more about where she came from, as I was doing my research on her.I also in a way identified with her memoir the big skinny, because I was going through a similar weight loss battle. I liked that she shared how she overcame it and learned to lose wight in a healthy way.

    Here is a link of one of Carol Lay’s interviews, that I enjoyed watching.

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