Historical Context & Influences

Carol Lay was a normal kid, but then as she grew into her teens she felt somewhat invisible and turned to food and started gaining weight in order to be seen (Lay , 2014).

At the age of seventeen her mother sent her to weight watchers in order to help her with weight loss and did not work. (Lay , 2014)

At the age of nineteen she visited a doctor which recommended her to take diet pills. She lost weight rapidly but she also became addicted to pills and realized that she did not wanted to be dependent on drugs. (Lay , 2014)

As a child she was fascinated with science fiction theatre, Twilight Zone, Alfred Hitchcock and Dyke Show. Also she enjoyed reading books and watch TV, which influenced her passion for drawing. (Lay , 2014)

She enjoyed her childhood and thought life was easy, no job, no worries and loved the suburban neighborhood where she grew up in Whittier California. (Lay , 2014)


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