Carol – The protagonist of the graphic memoir that conquers her challenge of making a diet easy and sustainable there are two sides to Carol that show up throughout the book.  There is skinny happy Carol, and overweight unhappy Carol.  Skinny happy carol is happy not due to her weight, but he changes to focus on herself and having a healthy lifestyle.  Unhappy Carol is self-conscious and has a lack of control when it comes to food and motivation to exercise.

There are also several other small characters throughout the book:

Hostess – From “What’s it all about” – She questions how Carol lost all the weight

Ex-Husband – Isn’t spoken about much

Mother – Prepared “traditional” family food that wasn’t healthy.  She believed she was doing the best for Carol and got her on diet pills

Father – Had an alcohol problem and indulged in foods a lot – loved salt

Several personal trainers throughout the graphic memoir

Mini Carol – Acts as a continuous and keeps questioning her tedious diet habits by playing devil’s advocate

Derek – Carol’s roommate who is educated by Carol on the importance of nutrition after he ate too much

Jane – Carol’s friend who has an issue with eating crackers


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