Through the descriptions, Lay had a way to describe each character’s outlook on food.  This is portrayed through her parents, her friend Jane and housemate Derek.  Her parents struggled through food by continuously choosing to not change their current lifestyle with food.  The foods they would choose to intake would include deep fried foods, overly salted foods, and in excessive amounts.  She would make the reader understand that the lifestyle they chose was not going to change because her parents had settled into that type of lifestyle.  They were be uncomfortable with the change and would not settle.

On the other hand, Lay’s friend Jane battled a secret addition to a certain brand of crackers that she had relied on as her form of comfort food.  After speaking about her addition to Carol, Jane let go of her addition.  It allowed the audience to understand the type of person Jane was.  Jane might have been addicted to crackers as a source of comfort, but confiding in someone allowed her to let go of her fears and made her feel better.  She did not have to keep another secret from her husband, which was making her feel worse.

Lastly, Lay’s housemate Derek also struggled with weight loss.  She was able to help him realize his problems through exercise, calorie counting, and portion controls.  Even though Derek comes from a family with health problems, he was able to break through it.  It allows the audience to realize that Derek was a man that was taking charge of his own life.  He wanted to lose the weight and not follow the footsteps of some of his family members that had to go through gastric bypass surgery due to their weight.


One thought on “Characterization

  1. I completely think it is brilliant how she could relate each character’s view on food accurately and in a realistic manner. Everyone has different challenges with food. Everyone faces attitude challenges with food. Also people taste food differently. Here is an article on why people taste food differently.

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