Career Low & Highpoints

Over the years Carol Lay have had low and high points. When she was in College because of one course too many in Conceptual Art she almost dropped out her program and stopped drawing for 2 years. She was considering changing her career in computer programming field. However, She graduated her art program with BFA degree. She started her career by lettering other people’s real life stories. Her career began working for companies such as Hanna-Barbera Comics, Western Publishing, DC and Marvel Comics, and various independents where she spent many working as a cartoonist.  Carol has also done some work for Mattel where she did storyboards for rock videos and feature films some her famous work includes Top Secret and Back to the Beach. Later on, she worked in animation doing storyboard for artist for shows. Despite all of this she loved making comics. LA WEEKLY invited Carol in 1990’s, where she was asked to contribute a short serialized story. The piece was 5 pages long titled “The Thing Under the Futon” which was developed and ran for 18 years in publication of weekly comic strip. She lived in New York City for many years working for companies like The Village Voice, Entertainment Weekly, News Week, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The New Yorker, Mad Magazine, Worth Magazine, and etc. Her ultimate highpoint was when The Big Skinny was published where she was praised by many and received a feature in Publisher’s Weekly.


One thought on “Career Low & Highpoints

  1. I think it is so interesting that she had troubles with her career. By reading the Big Skinny I had believed she was quite accomplished. I enjoyed the Big Skinny and felt it provided insights on the realistic approach to losing weight. Writers in charge is a website that directs writers and gives them advice on how to write and blog etc. Here is a link showing the typical challenges writers face.

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