Adult Life

In 1970 she started college at UCLA, where she discovered Frank Zappa and Zap Comics in the first week. (Lay , 2014)
When she started college she stopped drawing for two years and considered a career in computer programming because of her fascination with logic and linguistics. (Lay , 2014)
Even though she stopped drawing, Carol stayed in the Arts program and graduated with a BFA.
Carol found her way back to drawing after her mother asked her to draw some number and alphabet cards for the first-grade class she taught. (Lay , 2014)
Carol then picked up some practical commercial art skills, first by drawing Yellow Pages add illustrations, and then in a photo-lettering shop. After that when a friend gave her a crash course in comics, Carol felt that she finally found her calling. (Lay , 2014)
When not working, Carol enjoys hiking the mountains and deserts of California, scuba diving, and playing English system concertina. (Lay , 2014)
Currently, Carol lives and works in Los Angeles. (Lay , 2014)


One thought on “Adult Life

  1. It is interesting how our family can inspire us to do something we love. Like when Carol’s mom asker her to draw alphabet cards. It is nice that she has gone back into a profession that she is good at. It is also nice to see she balance her social life and work life. There is a whole section in the globe and mail website on the studies done on balancing your work life.

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